Patricia Farrell Employment Info

Experienced in healthcare PR, direct service and healthcare promotion in national campaigns as well as TV productions on psychological issues and mental healthcare.

Licensed psychologist in both New Jersey and Florida, author (How to Be Your Own Therapist, It's Not All in Your Head and Work Stress: How You Can Beat It), frequent guest on national TV/radio shows and interviewed by major print and internet media on mental health issues.

Former Associate Editor for King Features Syndicate and editor of various trade journals.

CE modules for healthcare professionals as well as the USMLE.

Graduate-level teaching for master's, doctoral and medical students.

Specialties:Healthcare promotion (Bayer Healthcare, Upjohn, J&J, Searle, Jansen, Ciba, Association of Professional Sleep Societies, American Psychiatric Association, Thompson Medical, Weight Watchers, Bayer, MS&L, BBDO, Ogilvy), skill-building for consumers.

Health & Beauty Aids promotion (Clairol, Chas. Worthington of London).

In-service training to healthcare professionals, police departments, community groups, nursing homes, schools and corporations.

On-air commentator for TV/radio shows.

Psychologist expert for WebMD Anxiety/Panic Board

Respond to queries on anxiety, stress, therapy and treatment options.


Patricia A. Farrell, Ph.D., LLC
Provide consultation and psychological expertise for corporate campaigns with elements of mental health, anxiety, stress-reduction or medical illness, partnering with major PR firms and healthcare organizations. Currently, the Moderator for WebMD's Anxiety/Panic Board, a former medical consultant to NJ Disability Determinations. In-service training for related healthcare programs, police departments and presentations at major annual meetings. Maintain a website with information for consumers and healthcare professionals.

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