Wednesday, March 18, 2015

More Than Savage Breasts or Beasts--Music

How cavalier we are or naive or immature or whatever you care to categorize it. Music has more power and charms and healing abilities than you could ever imagine. But don't take my word for it and don't just believe you know that to be so because of your own personal experiences. Music is potent and it should be appreciated for all that it can provide--the obvious and that which is not so apparent. Allow it to wash over you and it will inspire you, heal your woes and provide more healing than you can imagine.

How have you used this magical power for yourself or your children or anyone you love? Don't like my use of the word "magical?" Okay.  There are things which we cannot understand, but we should, nevertheless, allow ourselves to benefit from them and music is among these unknowables.  Do you agree?

Think about it for a moment. Are you willing to accept something that can do almost miraculous things and for which there is no obvious answer? Some would say that prayer is one of these unknowables and that there is no scientific support for praying and that it is useless. We pray despite this and prayer seems to help.

What is the problem? If it helps and it cannot do harm, what would be the reason not to use it? Stubborn refusal to accept that which science cannot explain? Science is limited and once you accept that fact, life may be easier for you. There are many things for which we have no way of getting any proof or even a minimal hint of the ability to explain it. Explanation is over-rated. Ha, am I going off the deep end here? No, I think I'm being totally pragmatic.

Want some support, however minimal or lacking in the proof you require? Sure, why not.  In the Bible, David played for King Saul to sooth his evil spirits. What did they mean by evil spirits? I would suggest that he suffered from a mood disturbance and music has, indeed, played an important role in ameliorating this malady.

Wounded Warriors have been introduced to the healing power of music and it has been a major breakthrough for them. Recovering from a GSW (gun shot wound) now includes music as part of the therapeutic endeavor.  Alzheimer's disease? Yes, music is a vital part of the programs which address the needs of those afflicted with this disorder.

Anyone who wants to see the effects of music in another domain should look at how musicians have played prominent roles in changing our culture. It's not just for dancing or to help lift a mood, but for energizing people and opening their eyes to what requires societal attention. Peter, Paul & Mary, Pete Seeger, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Joan Baez, and Alanis Morissette have all pulled our focus to matters which could no longer be denied.

What becomes of the broken hearted? Listen to the music and allow yourself to rise with it to new levels of living and to fight off the dark clouds that appear on your emotional horizon. Why wallow in sorrow when you have something at your fingertips that can help? You know you don't want to do this and you do want to enjoy the wonders of life and all that affords you. Give it a try and begin right now.

I don't care where you get your music, be it iTunes, Amazon Music, Spotify or anywhere else. Just get it and get busy helping yourself. It's a simple thing and not everything that is incredibly helpful and powerful needs to be expensive or difficult to obtain. This is something you can do for you and you can do it for others.

Music, it's what you can do.