Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Size Does Definitely Matter, Again

Size is something we think about all the time, I think anyway. We look at products in the market, scrutinize the number of ounces in anything, look at the new car we're considering, wonder whether Chico's garments will fit us and it's all because of size. Now we have a new size consideration besides the one that haunts all those guys being offered those enlargers in email spam.

Cell phones are growing like Topsy and unless they come in collapsible, foldable or otherwise bendable shapes with screen protectors, I wonder how they'll do. For me, I don't want something that is evolving into a Frankentablet. I want a phone that allows me to use one hand, get my messages, check my calendar and do a few other things like take hi-quality photos or video.

Second thing I want in a cell is voice activation and a size that permits me to slip it into one of my pockets (I hate carrying any kind of bag unless it's absolutely essential). I don't want it hanging out of my pocket to advertise its presence or necessitating that I buy accessories to protect it. What's more, I have an attachment that allows me to take photos and videos without notice and they're not making it for the larger cells. I don't want to lose that great feature and I would.

Keyboards are now in roll-up types and you can even fold them over to put them away snugly. Engineers have created foldable TV displays and I'm wondering where Apple's creative team stands on this one. The latest iPhones are just too big. Sure, if you want to play games fingers can seem a bit stubby unless you use a stylus or if you want to actually be able to read a map, you need more real estate on your cell. But what do people actually do with their cells? I don't know the stats, I can only speak for myself and I wonder how many are with me on this.

The race is on to buy Apple's latest cell and I think that somewhere in Jonathan Ive's plans there is a working mock-up for downsizing in a unique way. I can't imagine that he hasn't thought about this problem, but he also knows that droves of fans are in a frenzy to be among the first to flash these phones under their friends' noses. It's an "I got one and you don't" mentality that is quite juvenile and oh so reminiscent of school yards. And people will be hurt for these phones because of their "cache" and the inability to get them NOW.  People will be robbed and worse and all because of a cell.

I don't think sales of the latest cell will wither on the vine because there's a fever that's endemic in Apple fans and they can't quell it. Of course, Apple wants to fan it as much as possible and they do a great job. Make it exclusive, make it hard to get and you're got them by the nose. Didn't Google Glass do a bit of that?

So, you've got them, Tim, and they won't admit any of the phone's annoyances because they will be so enthralled with its new features that it will be just a minor thing. What's your next act? Yes, I know a new OS is out today and we just can't wait for it, unfortunately.