Thursday, June 19, 2014

Rape Isn't Amusing, Bozo

Men don't get raped, do they? What about young boys? They're lying, right? The tales about renegade priest/pedophiles are all false where altar boys are concerned, right? And, certainly, women don't rape boys, do they? Rape? Unheard of in that context. It must have been glorious, or so this guy thinks. How long has he been out of the frat house now? Well, doesn't matter because his head will always be there at his dear little alma mater.

Oh, and when a young guy goes to jail, they can defend themselves against the big, beefy guys who work out with weight all day, right? Sure, all of these are true and one of the TV hosts/anchors (who can that be?) loves to enjoy just sitting back in his ivy tower world and smilingly musing over it. Oh, where would you be if not for your college roommate connections? Isn't that how you got to be a major political/social pundit? It sure wasn't through your academic achievements, I'm sure, or the incisive way you manage to get down to the real nitty gritty, right? Smile on, dear boy, smile on. It's the best you can do.

How this particular fellow, who appears to have sawdust between his ears, could see rape of a young man by an older woman as being a badge of honor is truly interesting. It does, in one regard, prove to me that this fellow isn't working with a full deck or that he is so terribly twisted that rape of any guy by a woman (or a man) is really, really great. Wonder if he ever saw "Seven Beauties" and how he felt about the scenes with the female guard. The guy should have loved it, right? Sure. Being raped is always wonderful, especially when it's by a huge, muscular woman who holds the power of severe imprisonment over you. Just lie back and take it like a man, dear, darling TV anchor.

I wonder if he has a copy of "The Graduate" at home and how he relates to the scene where Dustin Hoffman (who is totally being used by Ann Bancroft) asks if they can just talk. Oh, and BTW, this guy says this kind of rape is a victimless crime. Really? So now you decide when there a victim in a crime or not and if it's female on young male it's victimless? You are the towering image of brilliance, aren't you. I am just faklempt over it.  Quick, the smelling salts please. I feel the vapors coming on.

So, dear heart, just as we now have fat busters to rid us of those ugly bulges, we need myth busters for the likes of you. Rape is neither wonderful nor anything but violent and reinforces the powerlessness of the person being raped. It isn't sexual, bozo, but of course you probably still harbor that deeply cemented belief that it is, especially between a boy and an older woman. Will "Summer of '42" never stop being anything but beautiful for you?

So, dear anchor, what do you actually know about the problem of young men being raped by older women? I think you know absolutely nothing but that doesn't bother you because you are confident that you do know it all. Wonder what that's like. Maybe one day, someone will help you see how truly ill-informed you are about this and many other things.