Monday, November 5, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Resolve

Catastrophe appears to be the solvent that removes the patina hiding the true personality. I say this because we have recently seen an incredible change in the people who were most affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Huge numbers of people didn't wait for government assistance and proceeded to form their own communities' efforts to help those who had both lost their homes, their possessions, even their loved ones. It was an outpouring which could not fail to touch the hearts of those who were watching on their TV sets. 

Once again, communities came together, helped each other and, despite their own losses, saw the common good as the more important and proceeded in that direction. They collected food, blankets, any comforts that they could provide to both adults and children and even pets and they did not stop until they felt the community had been served. It was a wonderful example of what can be done when we work together.

Along with this outpouring of help came those who were narcissistic enough to care only for themselves and their own possessions, not pausing in their comfort to reach out to help those in need, if only by word rather than deed. The display of selfishness and self-indulgence could not have been more evident than when they left the elderly and infirm living in high rises with no heat, no food, no way down. They chose to abandon them while others chose to fight on.

Friendships will be reevaluated in the harsh light that will be shown on the populace after the crisis has passed. It will, undoubtedly, have consequences that will last for years to come. How do you fail to reach out to find the state of your loved ones when you are living in comfort, have food, a heated home and only the normal cares that every day life brings? How did you not think, despite your hectic schedule, to give one moment to call and comfort? How were you so wrapped up in your own needs and cares that you failed to understand you are community? When the time comes in the future and you are in need, will you call? That is not to say that everything is a quid pro quo exchange, but there is a normal expectancy of caring. This expectancy is especially strong among family and close friends. Governments are no substitute for this type of concern.

We look forward to a time when Hurricane Sandy is seen as a time of reflection and of change for the better. Living with the belief that "good from bad", we can only hope that the good that comes from this tragedy will overcome the bad we have all seen too often in the days and weeks following the hurricane. 

Look in your heart and see where you may have been remiss and determine how you will address this in the future. It will come, there will be future tragedies and they may even be worse than we've seen this time.

How will you react? Will you choose self-indulgence or love of others? This is your's for the answering.

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